Deli Platter Menu

Deli Platter Menu


Requested Notice for Platter Order is Two Weeks.

Deposit/Full Payment may be required. Orders not Picked-Up will be charged.

Store Hours:

CLOSED MONDAY & TUESDAY     Wed-Sat   9–7     Sun   10–4

SANDWICH MENU Available:   10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

MENU NOT Available December 22, 23 & 24.

Platter Diameter Size and Approximate Serving:

Small is 12″, serves 8-10.  Medium is 16″, serves 10-15.  Large is 18″, serves 15-20.

German Cold-cut Platter – Our best and most popular cold-cuts, thinly sliced and beautifully arranged. Great for any party or office meeting.

Approximately 5 oz. per person.   $39.00 (s)   $56.00 (m)   $72.00 (l)

European Cheese Platter – Deliciously arranged with the finest imported cheeses from several countries. Wedged, sliced (flat and rolled), cube styles.

Approximately 5 oz. per person.   $58.00 (s)   $81.00 (m)   $105.00 (l)

German Sandwich Platter – Wonderful small sandwiches made using sliced German breads and real broetchen and with different hams, cold-cuts, salami and liverwurst; also with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and mayo.

16 pcs. at $40.00 (s)   30 pcs. at $68.00 (m)   40 pcs. at $85.00 (l)

PARTY BRATWURST TO GO – Perfect for any party; be it back yard, pool-side, house or conference room. Your choice of any bratwurst, fully cooked and ready in covered foil pan.  COLD Pick Up ONLY.  Will require approximately 30-40 minutes re-heat time at  350F.

1 - 11 pc at $4.50 each          12 - 49 pc at $4.25 each

 For LARGER GROUPS – 50 Bratwurst with a FREE Chaffing Station Set-Up   $189.00   

Suggested Sides & Serving Portions

German Potato Salad (cold style)
4 oz.
$6.15 lb.
Macaroni Salad
4 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Spaetzle Salad (cold style)
4 oz.
$6.99 lb.
2 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Red Cabbage
2 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Carrot Salad w/walnuts, raisins
2 oz.
$5.75 lb.
Beet Salad
2 oz.
$6.49 lb.
Tyroler  Cabbage Salad
2 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Potato Pancakes
1 each
$3.50 ea.
Broetchen (small roll)
1-2 each
$--.55 ea.

Don’t forget Rolls, Pretzels and Dessert!