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Requested Notice for Platter Order is Two Weeks.

Deposit/Full Payment may be required. Orders not Picked-Up will be charged.

Store Hours:

Mon - CLOSED     Tue-Sat   9:00 AM – 7:00 PM      Sunday   10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

SANDWICH MENU Available:   10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

MENU NOT Available December 22, 23 & 24.

Platter Diameter Size and Approximate Serving:

Small is 12″, serves 8-10.  Medium is 16″, serves 10-15.  Large is 18″, serves 15-20.

German Cold-cut Platter – Our best and most popular cold-cuts, thinly sliced and beautifully arranged. Great for any party or office meeting.

Approximately 5 oz. per person.   $35.00 (s)   $52.00 (m)   $68.00 (l)

European Cheese Platter – Deliciously arranged with the finest imported cheeses from several countries. Wedged, sliced (flat and rolled), cube styles.

Approximately 5 oz. per person.   $49.00 (s)   $72.00 (m)   $94.00 (l)

Deli Combination Platter – Fine assortment of our cold-cuts and imported cheeses, nicely arranged and garnished. A great treat for your guests.

Approximately 5 oz. per person.   $46.00 (s)   $68.00 (m)   $90.00 (l)

Picnic Platter – A tasty presentation of our most popular bratwurst and sausages with garnish. At least eight varieties on a small platter, more on larger. NOT ready to eat… must cook!!!

20 pcs. at $58.00 (s)   35 pcs. at $96.00 (m)   50 pcs. at $131.00 (l)

German Sandwich Platter – Wonderful small sandwiches made using sliced German breads and real broetchen and with different hams, cold-cuts, salami and liverwurst; also with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and mayo.

16 pcs. at $36.00 (s)   30 pcs. at $63.00 (m)   40 pcs. at $80.00 (l)

PARTY BRATWURST TO GO – Perfect for any party; be it back yard, pool-side, house or conference room. Your choice of any bratwurst, fully cooked and ready in covered foil pan. Specify if you wish to pick up HOT or COLD (depending upon your need and resources at location). 

1 - 11 pc at $4.25 each          12 - 49 pc at $3.95 each

OR, For LARGER GROUPS – 50 Bratwurst with a FREE Chaffing Set-Up   $175.00   

CHOUCROUTE GARNI for 6 – Our house Sauerkraut simmered with Double-Smoked Bacon, Kasseler and assorted Smoked Sausages, complete with skinless boiled new potatoes with browned butter and parsley.   $67.00

Suggested Sides & Serving Portions

German Potato Salad (cold style)
4 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Macaroni Salad
4 oz.
$5.99 lb.
Spaetzle Salad (cold style)
4 oz.
$6.99 lb.
2 oz.
$5.50 lb.
Red Cabbage
2 oz.
$5.50 lb.
Carrot Salad w/walnuts, raisins
2 oz.
$5.50 lb.
Beet Salad
2 oz.
$6.25 lb.
Tyroler  Cabbage Salad
2 oz.
$5.95 lb.
Potato Pancakes
1 each
$3.49 ea.
Broetchen (small roll)
1-2 each
$--.49 ea.

Don’t forget Rolls, Pretzels and Dessert!

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